Hi friends, I’m so excited to share this session with everyone!

I met Therese via friend of the channel Ryan Nealon when they stopped by the studio and recorded a quick duet (check it out)

Therese and I got to talkin’ and scheduled a session. I’ve been looking for the right act to take to this other studio location and Therese and Mauricio were the perfect fit! My apologies for the pop filter blocking Therese’s face, but sometimes you gotta protect old fancy mics. Enjoy!

He’ll Never Know

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This is another one of those songs where once I finish working on the mix and the video edit…I still just want to listen to it! Not every session has this magic, not every song has this magic. Therese brings that magic. This is easily one of the videos i’m most proud of, it is so engaging.

Hard To Break Up

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“Hard To Break Up” – is a cover a song of the same name by Ryan Lerman. I know I end up saying this often but it is still very true in this case…I love the melody on this track!


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