This is the first band we officially recorded using the “single camera on a gimbal” approach, which i think helps to really get the message across that these session are all done on a single take and there are no special edits to the performance, in a lot of ways i like to think this gets my audience a much closer and more intimate show.

Anyway, enough about the gear (but let me know if you’re into it). The Steins came in a banged out some tracks like true pros, they knew their set and didn’t seem to have any issues performing it for me, gotta love that. Be sure to stick around on YouTube so you catch the entire set!

Check it out:

3 – Will Not Break In Two

For the third and final track of our session with The Steins they bring to us a track that lets both of their guitarists flex. Great tune. check it out!

2 – Sea of Trees

This might be one of my favorite tracks in this set, really love the way those two guitars play off of each other. the lead is amazingly haunting. I found myself replaying this quite a bit even after we finished working on it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

1 – Great Wave

Ok first up we have Great Wave. I personally always like seeing bands bring in harmonies when it makes sense, its more inviting for those of us that like to sing along to stuff 🙂


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