This group has been a fun surprise to work with. They’ve brought on a lot of new followers to this little live music loving community that we’re building together (that’s you and all the subscribers on the YouTube channel)

Check out The Honey Tones!

2 – Powder Blue

For the 3rd and final track of this session we have Powder Blue, i think it wraps up the whole set very nicely. Jump over to the comments on youtube and let me know what you think!

2 – Smooth Sailing

I was 100% sure that their first track “Shower Time” was going to be my favorite by far, but after groovin’ to this track for a few days i’m having a hard time saying that. I love the keys on this, jump in the comments on YouTube and let me know what you think.

1 – Shower Time

The first track we’re releasing comes with a cool vocal melody, a guitar riff that’s hard to get outta your head and fun instrumentation (although not the first time i’ve recorded an ukulele) Have a close listen to the keyboard and the added texture they are throwing on that.

We’ve got a couple of familiar faces in this group. Call ’em out on the comments on YouTube if you spot ’em.