She Sings
She Swings

It’s always such a blast when I can snag some recording time with She Sings She Swings (check out the other stuff we’ve collaborated on).

2019 was such an amazing year for The Recordium’s YouTube channel that I wanted to do something special to close out the year, it was great bringing back some familiar face and letting the girls do their thing!

As much as I love our recording space, I also really really want to branch out and find some other equally amazing places to shoot our live sessions. So I want to give an extra special shout out to Analog Records for letting us shoot in their very awesome, and basically “shoot ready” location. If you’re in the Long Beach area, please check ’em out they have some really cool stuff

Anyway, enough talk. Check out these amazing songs and be sure to leave a comment over on YouTube!

2 – Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!

The harmonies. what more can i say? I love these harmonies!

1- May You Always

If it were up to me, I would love to do holiday / new year’s eve songs with She Sings She Swings every damn year!