Ryan Nealon comes to us from our good friend Heather Youmans. We’ve worked briefly with Ryan in our studio when he did a little collab with Heather (stay tuned for that). Since then Ryan came in and recorded a couple of covers in our space and also joined me over at the YouTube Space in LA and recorded some originals.

3 – City

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City’s another great track in front of another great backdrop.

2 – Ready To Love Again

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For our second track with Ryan we left the comfort of my studio and headed over to a soundstage at YouTube Space in LA. This is an original track by Ryan, have a listen, then report back!


1 – If The World Was ending (cover)

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The first song with Ryan also features the amazingly talented Therese Curatolo and together they sing this duet and honestly i sometimes can’t get it out of my head, but i’m a sucker for a catchy melody especially if its a little on the sad side.

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