Joey Cook comes to us from our friend Olivia Kuper Harris!  Joey had a few days to put this set together and was able to help me fill an open spot i had while recording at YouTube Space.

BTW: This is stage 3 at YouTube and it fuckin’ rocks!

Ok so Joey has sung with the Post Modern Jukebox folks and you may have also seen her on American Idol in 2015 so don’t say i didn’t warn you when you listen to her voice. She’s great. (she’s also really great to work with, she lets me do my thing and she does her thing)

Other fun coincidence: our other great friend Luca ended being in this shoot it was nice seeing his name come up as i put together the call sheet. Super cool band, very tight group.

Grass is Greener (Live at YouTube Space in LA)

Watch it on

I’m a fan of what Joey is doing melodically and lyrically for this first track, it easily gets stuck in my head. I’ve already had to pick up a guitar to learn the progression because I just really love singing the hook. And lastly there’s Luca and how he drops these blues style guitar licks which give me chills.

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