I first ran into these ladies out of pure luck when trying to watch Recordium friends She Sings She Swings performing live at a venue in San Pedro CA

I got lucky enough to pass along my card and start up a conversation which ultimately turned into a live session in our space!

I can’t wait to work with this trio again! Check out Honey Whiskey Trio live if you ever get the chance, they have a great set!

3 –  Old Hag
Old Hag is the first song I heard Honey Whiskey Trio perform. I had no idea what to expect as they walked on stage and it left me and the audience in a trance and eager to experience the rest of their set.

Visually, I was eager to capture the ladies in a way that was as similar as possible to how they rehearse in an effort to capture some magic. Hopefully i’ve done this song some justice.

2 –  Railorad
Ok this is a super cool adaptation of a Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn recording of this song. The song itself is an older American folk song from the 1920’s. Love the hand percussion on this video.

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1 –  Mercy Brown
This is such a great song, its an original that knows how to access elements of its genre to tell a story. It also has a great message in my opinion. Lastly, its also very catchy


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