Honey Badger comes to us as a solo project of a guy from a band that has come and gone through our studio in the past ( see: Beachdust ). Two of those dudes plus some new dudes come together to form Honey Badger and do yourself a favor and have a listen.

3 –  When You Stay

Guitar solos on point & a groovy melody.

2 –  The Garden

For their second track Honey Badger gives us a short and sweet. Its got a really cool vibe and continues to build on the genre / direction that Honey Badger is going for after the first track we did together (see: Airplane below)

1 –  Airplane

This is a great first track for them, showcases some vocal abilities, melody, writing and an overall very stellar performance. Its got a very somber / melancholy vibe to it while at the same time makes me think of Paul McCartney, something out of “McCartney” itself. Go check it out, it fucking rocks, let me know what you think in the comments on YouTube!


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