The Origin

The beginning
We were a small group of friends that just appreciated a live musical set, and near the end of 2014 we decided to dedicate some of our time to try and remind the world how amazing live music can be. We wanted to celebrate a musicians ability to get in front of people and strum, sing, pluck, and dance their hearts out.

We picked up some microphones, cameras and put together a pilot for what our show might look like (watch that here). We then continued to work with any willing and able musician for a few years.

What’s Next
As we begin to curate our content more strictly and hope to find a bigger fan base of music lovers we have moved towards a quality over quantity approach. Our intentions are the same, but we want to make each and every video be the best it can be.

On top of that, we intend to do new types of content including live streams and artist spotlights.

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Thank You!

– Jesus

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